degustation menu

- Croquettes to choose between boletus and gorgonzola.
- Valencian tomato caprese style.
- Guacamole with boniato chips.


- Homemade chestnut cream and chocolate cake.
- Roasted apple tataki with fig and walnut compote, accompanied by cinnamon ice cream.
- Freeze-dried fruit coated chocolates

20€ (without)
25€ (with drink


Bravas with vegan garlic sauce and homemade spicy sauce. 5,90€
Beer tempura cauliflower popcorn with red and green “mojo”. 5,90€
Guacamole with sweet potato nachos. 9,50€
Vegan boletus and toasted hazelnut croquettes (6 units). 10,20€ / 1,90€ unit
Gorgonzola cheese, nuts and figs croquettes with lime zest (6 units). 10,20€ / 1,90€ unit
Mini vegetable soy burgers, with sprouts, pickle and romesco sauce (4uds.). 8,50€
Garlic veggie prawns. 6,50€
Duo of dips, traditional hummus and lentil pâté with green olives with Lebanese bread toasted with aromatic herbs. 7,50€
Aubergine roulades with tapenade and scamorza cheese with dried tomatoes pesto (4 units). 8,50€ / 2,20€ unit


Valencian tomato caprese style with cashew cheese, marinated eggplant, oil and basil. 8,90€
Pistachio, avocado and strawberry salad, on tender shoots, with Grana Padano cheese flakes. 10,90€
Marinated seitan salad on mezclum with orange, chopped peanuts, mustard vinaigrette and crunchy sea spagetti. 9,00€


Copenhagen Burger. “Long chicken” style quorn fillet breaded with garlic and parsley, tomato, avocado, old mustard and honey aioli on beet bread. Accompanied by deluxe potatoes and sweet potato. 11,50€
Russafa Burger. Beyond Burger with caramelized onion, oak leaf, cheese and tandori sojanesa on pesto bread and accompanied by deluxe potatoes and sweet potato. 12,50€
Quesadillas on Lebanese bread, stuffed with marinated seitan, sauteed vegetables and cheddar cheese. Accompanied by our romescu sauce. 10,50€
Thai Udon noodle pasta sautéed in the wok with vegetables, vegetable shrimp and oriental sauce with a touch of ginger and citrus. 12,50€
Fiocchi stuffed with pear and Italian cheeses, with candied seasonal mushrooms and red pesto. 10,20€
Handmade artisan tortelloni stuffed with mushrooms, in butter veloutè, sage and vegetable broth. Accompanied by crunchy aubergine, walnuts and Parmesan. 10,50€
Pumpkin lasagna, quorn and chestnuts. With light besamel and pecorino and scamorza cheese gratin 11,50€
Three lentil Masala curry, accompanied by brown rice, eggplant fritter, pumpkin cubes, papadum bread and tomato chutney. 12,50€
Jackfruit tacos dressed with pico de gallo, jalapeños and cilantro. Accompanied by guacamole and vegan sour cream with dill and lime.. 8,80€
Brochettes of artichoke hearts and marinated seitan, tartar sauce and teriyaki reduction (2 units) 9,20€


Homemade New York cheesecake with season jam.5,90€
Violet cake. Creamy cheese with biscuit base and violet candy coverage.5,80€
Vegan Sacher chocolate cake with homemade apricot jam and molasses5,80€
Homemade chestnut cream and chocolate cake.5,90€
Chocolate coulant with pistachio ice cream.5,80€
Roasted apple tataki with fig and walnut compote, accompanied by
cinnamon ice cream.